Golden Eagle

Amongst my back log of completed works is this quilt I made for Marco, ordered way back when....... but only just completed in April but that's how I roll these days!!! I called it Golden Eagle as it has soared off to North Carolina amongst other reasons.

Once again I was given a blank canvas, I had free range to make whatever I felt like creating. The only requests from my client was that it be king size, and most importantly I was asked to put a lot of love into it. I was his fairy godmother quilt maker!. Marco gave me an insight into his past, present, family, friends his loves and dislikes as well as his hobbies and travels I drew on all that to dream up this creation.

P.S sorry its been so long between posts, it wasn't my intention only it hasn't been my priority either..........The short version is LB just had her 7th Birthday and is enjoying being in grade 1. BB just turned 3 on the weekend and her their little brother LO is 16 months our days are full of love and madness! MB has recovered from his injury and going well with his wine business......and me well....lets just say I'm trying to keep life as simple as I can....xx Kathryn


Andrea said...

I am in love with this quilt, and these photos.
Permission to pin them please???

Laydebird said...

Thanks Andrea I loved making it....pin away x

Mandi Ashcroft said...

Kathryn I really think simple when you have little ones is ideal. You're a great mum and quilter and your commitment shows. It'll all happen when it does. Getting use to my growing tribe I get it now more than ever. Enjoy the flow of your tribe.

Sharon said...

It's great to read your blog again, I never tire of seeing your beautiful quilts. I agree, keeping life as simple as you can is the best way. Xx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful, it looks so stunning with that gorgeous black and white cushion -- is it vintage?
You should have kept it :)