Now that I know that the new owner of the Grey Teal Patchwork Quilt have opened all their Christmas presents one of them being this quilt. I can safely now post images without spoiling their surprise.

As it seems this was the last quilt I made for 2011. My first quilt for 2012 is  in the pipe works. I'm just patiently waiting on a piece of fabric  to arrive from the US.!!


Barbara said...

your quilts are so beautiful ... especially the hand-sewn bindings and soft colors
(found your blog after reading the lovely article in Country Style!)
wishing you much happiness in the new year
Barbara :)

thejadeleaf said...

So very beautiful Kathryn. I opened country style and a few pages in I gasped, 'i know that girl!' was my first thought!!

Congratulations, it is a lovely story, with your country life so beautifully captured.

Happy new year x

You, Me and Bebe said...

Beautiful Beautiful xx

one claire day said...

Happy new year, Kathryn! Loved the Country Style feature... and just adore Poet's quilt. Can't wait to have my own Maggie and Sparrow creation one day :) x