Jambu Fruit Dove

Jambu Fruit Dove Patchwork Quilt is available in store on line now!  I only made two quilts for this spring release, this is the first and the second will be available by the end of the week. 


Northen Flicker

Sending this one off in the morning. Such sweet colours and fabrics, I bought in bulk so in my spare time I hope to make a few smaller ones, so I was told by Miss 8 and Miss 4!!!


Winter Blue-Jay

Celebrating the 1st Day of winter with the introduction of a 3 part mini series.

The first edition is Winter Blue-Jay only two quilts in each series are available here via the Maggie and Sparrow shop.

Black and White geometric triangles on one side and blue chambray on the reverse. 



Its been sooooo long since I have made something for my online store. Being kept busy with Bespoke orders is wonderful and I love working with all my clients, creating an heirloom piece to be treasured, hearing about the things they love, trying to capture a sense of who they are from the stories and images they send, but most of all I love the fact that as soon as I have finished they are sent off for someone to love and cherish.

In saying that though the creative artist in me has been needing to emerge itself in something that has no boundary's or constraints. I didnt count how many fabrics I used but just when I thought I had my selection sorted another one would find its way in.  Cutting the fabric resembled something which you might find in a pizza kitchen slicing into fat quarters like I was using a pizza cutter not a rotary cutter.   I carefully and not so carefully (with a 2year old and 3 year old running about)  placed each fabric down moving them about like jigsaw pieces if something didn't look quite right, then I would change it, this went on for hours and days. Its amazing how shapes and colours can take on a whole new look when placed next to a lesser or more vibrant shade or pattern.

Anyhoo this little beauty is for sale here Raven Patchwork Quilt.



Still sewing, just not blogging something needed to give way in my life to make way for "simple". But I do like sharing my work with you and these are some favorite images I took recently. If you don't mind me clogging up your instagram feed every now and then you will find me there maggieandsparrow.